Although acupuncture is the most commonly known treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine, another powerful medicinal tool is moxibustion or moxa.  Moxa is made from the dried leaves of the Artemisia vulgaris plant, commonly known as mugwort, and the leaves are rolled into sticks. The stick looks like a compacted cigar. And this is where the magic begins.  In my practice,  I burn the moxa stick near the skin on certain acupuncture points.  These points act as portals into the body’s indirect healing centers.   

Moxa’s Magic Effects

Moxa increases circulation and stimulates your body’s healing resources ( i.e. red and white blood cells) through its deep warming effect.  I use moxa to strengthen organ systems, relieve aches and pain, tonify the immune system, dispel cold, and increase  energy.  I also use moxa  when doing fertility treatments.  In fertility, common uses for moxa include strengthening the blood (to stave anemia-like symptoms) and dispelling cold especially in the lower abdomen/womb. Additionally, I use moxa  for anxiety and depression to calm the spirit.


When people experience the warmth of the moxa, they say a feeling of relaxation overcomes their body. Others describe the deep warmth as a loving hug.

Can I use Moxa at home?

I enjoy teaching patients how to use moxa to heal themselves. It’s best to use moxa in a well-ventilated room because it burns, it creates smoke.  You light the end of the smokeless moxa with a candle and scrape the ash as you use it.  You burn it close to the skin- like hovering over the points.  To extinguish the moxa, you can put it in a glass jar with a closed lid.  The brand of moxa that I most like is THIS ONE because it lasts longer and is less smoky than others I have tried. 

Common Points

Stomach 36  Location:  just below the lateral side of the knee

Increases stamina, strengthens your immune system, calms anxiety


Ren 4 Location: three finger widths below the belly button

Tonifies the kidneys, increased energy, calms anxiety


Spleen 3 Location: On the inside of the foot just below the big toe (where some 

people have bunions)

Helps with digestion, overthinking, helps with depression

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