At Vida Acupuncture our priority is the health and safety of you and your family.  Per Governor Whitmer’s most recent Executive Order on March 23, 2020, acupuncture clinics are not mandated to close.  However, at Vida Acupuncture, we have taken the precautionary measure to temporarily stop providing services from March 16th until April 13th and will continue to monitor the situation in regards to COVID-19.  Currently, we are providing:

Online Herbal and Nutritional Consultations

Some of you have inquired about continuing your herbal supplements and about nutritional counseling. You can schedule an online consultation via  or you can call 773-987-1357.

What Can I Do to Stay Healthy?

In addition to following the CDC guidelines, it is just as important to keep your immune system strong, your mind relaxed, and your spirit calm.  Let’s use this time as an opportunity to create healthier life habits.

Immune System

  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we support your immune system by strengthening your digestive system.  By eating a variety of plant-based foods such as lentils, chickpeas, various beans, sweet potatoes, squash, etc) all of which tonify the spleen and stomach, your immune system (lungs) will also be stronger.
  • Incorporate garlic, turmeric, ginger, in your cooking for immune support. Specifically, garlic and ginger have antiviral properties to prevent infections.
  • Continue to drink warm lemon or lime water in the morning and throughout the day to ensure you get plenty of Vitamin C (1,000 mg). Eat oranges, broccoli, kale, tomatoes, etc.,
  • Take a Vitamin D3 supplement (1500-2,000 IU) as it regulates your body’s natural adaptive immune responses. A deficiency in Vitamin D makes you more susceptible to infections. (Other sources of Vitamin D: the sun, fish liver oils, eggs)
  • Drink plenty of water at room temperature/warm (6-8 glasses per day) and teas (ginger, basil, green)

Mind & Spirit

  • Carve out a little time daily to just sit and breathe – even 5 minutes makes a difference in lowering stress hormones.
  • Practice your belly breathing
  • Practice your gratefulness on a daily basis

Thank you for your continued support!